Effective 12/23/21
MI-Home is on hiatus and unable to accept clients or provide services. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. If you are seeking health services, please contact your insurance plan and they will assist you in locating a provider. We will be sure to update this message when we are able to return to providing services. Stay safe and be well. Mahalo.

Midwifery Integrated
Home Visitation Program

We are Here for You.

We provide services in all community locations, including but not limited to cars, parks, tents, shelters, apartments and homes.

Community Support Services

Learn more about the programs in your community that may help meet your needs.

Well-Person Care

Learn more through these educational resources for a healthy lifestyle.

Birth Control, EC, STDs

Check out your contraceptive choices and safe sex practices; and health guidelines for when you choose to have children.


Read about what types of vaccines are recommended for you to take and safety tips.

Labs and Screenings

An overview of routine and genetic prenatal screenings, diagnostic testing, and ultrasounds in pregnancy.


Click here for informative resources about a healthy pregnancy for you and your baby.


Learn more about labor, contractions, birth, and current visitor policies in Hawaii hospitals.


Check out the resources available for how to help you and your family postpartum & warning signs to look out for.


Supportive resources and videos on breastfeeding strategies, tips on how to latch, navigating difficulties, tongue ties, pumping, and much more.


Find guidance here on the first 24 hours, baby cues, their growth and milestones, and additional parenting resources.

Car Seat Safety

Click to learn more about how to find the right car seat for your baby and install it correctly to ensure protection.


Check for product recalls including: cribs, food, child seats, strollers, and more.

We are MI-Home, and we will bring maternal care to you.

No insurance, income, or citizenship requirements.




MI-Home Supporters

MI-Home is a University Health Partners grant funded program. Funds are generously provided through several local foundations and organizations.

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