What to expect from our care.

What to expect in a MI-Home visit

*Please note that MI-Home visits do not take place in a medical office, they are provided in the community in a place you are comfortable to receive services.

When you connect with MI-Home, we will use a HIPAA compliant texting platform called Klara to send you our consent forms for your signature prior to us providing you care. If you have an ID and/or health insurance card we will collect that through Klara as well. Once you are registered with MI-Home you will be scheduled with our certified nurse-midwife (CNM), who will arrange to meet you in the community in a place you are comfortable for your visit. If you have complex medical conditions, you may be scheduled for either an in-person or telehealth consult with one of our maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) physicians. Our MFM physicians work at the Fetal Diagnostic Center. Our CNM does not attend home births; our team is affiliated with Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children.

You can expect that our team will assess your needs and create a care plan with you based on your priorities. MI-Home will help to connect you to resources, and is happy to work with any other health care providers, state and community organizations you may already be working with. If you do not have health insurance, we have funding to help cover the cost of your care, including lab work and medications, with MI-Home.

The frequency of your visits with our MI-Home team is individualized based on your medical needs.

Ready to schedule a visit? Text us at (808) 707-8002, call us (808) 209-0824 or chat with us through Klara on our Contact page.

What to expect if you have a visit with an MFM

Our maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) specialists work out of the following three locations: Kapiolani, Pali Momi and Wilcox. The MFMs can provide consults, ultrasounds and non-stress tests at Kapiolani, and ultrasound services at Pali Momi and Wilcox. As a MI-Home patient, if we recommend a MFM consult you will have the ability to see them either in-person at Kapiolani or through telehealth, which can include the CNM being with you to use her tablet so you can access your telehealth appointment. To learn more about what medical conditions we recommend a MFM consult for, click here.

For location information, please see below:


Services: MFM consult, genetic counseling, obstetric ultrasound, non-stress tests, Sweeter Choice diabetes in pregnancy program

Check in: KMCWC is located just off the Punahou Street exit in Honolulu. For in-person visits you will need to check in at Suite 540. If you have a telehealth appointment with an MFM, you will be provided with a website link to click on to check in and start your visit. 

Parking: Valet, parking garage or nearby street parking


Services: obstetric ultrasound

Check in: PMWC is located in the parking lot by Ross at Pearlridge Mall in Aiea. Please check in at the front desk of the main entrance to PMWC. 

Parking: Pearlridge Mall parking lot


Services: obstetric ultrasound

Check in: WWC is located at Wilcox Medical Center. Please check in at the main imaging center to the right of the ER at Wilcox Medical Center.

Parking: Parking garage located off Kuhio Highway


We recommend arriving at your in-person appointment or signing into your telehealth appointment at least 15 minutes early to complete your check in process. Visitors are normally allowed to accompany you, and we encourage you to check the Hawaii Pacific Health visitor guidelines for updates on how many visitors are allowed to be with you at each location. 

If you are being seen for a consultation with the MFM physician for medical conditions affecting your preconception, pregnancy or postpartum care, you will see the doctor to go over your history and create a care plan. The MFM may make recommendations for your obstetric (OB) care provider to follow, or may directly manage specific problems while you receive routine care from your provider, or your provider may recommend a transfer of care to the MFM team. 

If your appointment is for an ultrasound (images created by a machine using sound waves) you will most likely be seen by a certified sonographer (person who is trained to capture ultrasound images). If your appointment is for a non-stress test (monitoring your contractions and baby’s heart beat for 20-40 minutes), you will most likely be seen by a registered nurse. You may or may not see the MFM physician, but they are viewing your ultrasound images and non-stress test tracings and interpreting the results. In addition to sending their report to your health care provider, the MFM will either come to tell you your exam results or they will inform the sonographer or nurse to convey your results to you. 

Click here for frequently asked questions about obstetric ultrasound, and learn more about the different types of obstetric providers here

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